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I work with online course creators to make money by making launching as easy as possible.

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A Few Recent Successes...

Katrina Sequenzia - CYC - Live Workshop (2)

Healthy Free Life

How do you market yourself and grow your business during a global pandemic that shut down entire economies? For many small businesses, COVID-19 put them between a rock and a hard place. Consumer spending is down, consumer confidence is down, and yet the small business only has cash reserves to last a few months. This is where we started with Katrina's...

... And ultimately had our biggest launch!

"You were a HUGE part of this success. From Day 1 of Coronacrazy til now. The strategic guidance you gave like: we need to email your list tomorrow with Corona help, we need to find a few affiliates, we need to do a 3 part video series LIVE over 3 days. I could go on and on."

- Katrina Sequenzia 

Take Charge SF

What happens when your message doesn't resonate and you hear crickets around your offer? The Thought Leadership Bootcamp was originally supposed to be focused on leadership development. When we heard crickets during the sales calls (which wasn't usual) we knew something was off. We re-positioned and updated our funnel message to developing thought leadership and instantly turned this funnel around. 

"You literally make my life so easy. I'm so glad you quit working for a company so I could hire you 1-1! Perfect- the copy is beautiful by the way! The email already got one sign up!"

- Katie McManus

Stepping Into Bravery_ Thought Leadership

How Hypermedia Helps You Make More Money

My methodology revolves around 3 main components. Advertising to the right people, optimizing your offer, and ensuring we have the right sales catalyst. We'll work together to identify the right people online, focus on building strong relationships with your them through educational and entertaining content, and design robust customer journeys that cumulate into highly successful launches. 

We do this through:

- Highly effective paid advertising
- Persuasive copywriting
- High converting landing page design
- Implementation of customer journey funnels


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