Building Bullet-Proof Businesses Through Email Marketing

Go from Poor Inbox Placement and Duct-Taped Strategies To Email As A Profit Center

When I hired Tyler, our deliverability was dismal. Only 41% of our emails were landing in our audience's inbox.

In only 4 weeks, Tyler was able to double it to 82%, and it's now at 94% and rising! The guy is magic.

Aside from being absolutely stellar at what he does, Tyler is a complete joy to work with. He's super responsive to questions, goes above-and-beyond with reporting and analytics, and provides support that I didn't even know I needed.

When a friend was having an email emergency, I reached out to Tyler, and within minutes he was able to connect her with the head of compliance at her email marketing software provider. Tyler brings so much more than just his skills to the table. He has built meaningful relationships with leaders across the email marketing industry, and is able to call on those relationships to solve problems for his clients.

I can't recommend Tyler enough, and will absolutely be engaging him again in the future!

Kristin Egan |

What Is Hypermedia Marketing?

We are your full service email marketing team. We manage everything from strategy to execution. We specialize in high-ticket B2B businesses.

We Are Your Swiss Army Knife Of Email Marketing

Email Strategy

We fill the holes in your funnels and ensure no sales opportunities fall through the cracks in your CRM.

Campaign Management

We ensure you're staying top of mind with your email subscribers by managing your monthly email marketing campaigns.

Sales Pipeline Automation

We analyze the conversion points in the sales pipeline and design automation to streamline the sales process.

Email Deliverability

We maintain all your email authentication to ensure your emails are accepted by mailbox providers

Inbox Placement

The best email strategy in the world doesn't matter if no one sees your emails. We get your emails to subscribers inboxes.

Full-Scale Testing

Over years in the industry we've developed a unique testing framework of over 160+ points of optimization.

SMS Campaigns

Email + SMS is the secret sauce to higher engagement. We'll design and implement robust sms strategies that enhance our email strategy.

Vendor Evaluation & Migration

Sometimes your current option isn't needing your needs. With experience in 50+ ESPs, sit back and relax while we evaluate your best options.

Marketing Ops

Your CRM is the central hub of marketing & sales activity. We ensure it's connected & integrated with your other marketing channels.

Experts In Your System

Who You Are


You want to grow your brand and revenue.


Tired of spending more for leads only to watch them dis-engage or unsubscribe.


Ready to make email marketing a core growth channel.


Unsure where to start for the greatest impact.

When Should We Work Together?

Typically, we're most effective during following stages:

You've got a steady flow of traffic and leads - either through ads, organic, or both.

Ads are working smoothly and need to have email strategies support ad growth.

High-growth business who needs the infrastructure to continue scaling quickly.

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